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We're a premiere golf course maintenance company located in Fort Myers, Florida. We're family-owned for 32 years and we continue to create unforgettable experiences for our clients.


Curious as to how Ryvor can change the face of your golf course? Reach out to us today. 

Landscape Design

Landscape design isn’t about just lining your drive with palm trees. It’s a philosophy. We own ours. 


At Ryvor, we realize why having a perfectly manicured golf course is better for all stakeholders. Maintaining your asset is not easy, which is why you need professionals that overlook nothing.

Golf Landscaping Management

Ryvor is prepared to handle your immediate golf course maintenance staffing needs. This is an excellent way to add or replace labor, while eliminating risk and liability.

Temporary Labor

We offer experienced labor to help you with your golf course and landscaping management needs. In addition to regularly scheduled help, we can also assist you with your seasonal labor needs as well. As always, you can expect an exceptional level of quality service. You will find our people are well trained, punctual and diligent in the upkeep of your tees, fairways, greens, turf, plants and shrubs.


Ryvor realizes that if you want to keep your clients… there’s no such thing as cutting corners. That’s why we continue to grow. The client is everything to us, and we continue to exceed their expectations. 

Marc Orlando - RYVOR Managing Director

Our Service Philosophy

At Ryvor, we realize why having a perfectly manicured golf course is better for all stakeholders. Maintaining your asset is not easy, which is why you need professionals that overlook nothing.

1099 is not in our vocabulary

At Ryvor, we know that hiring 1099 workers is unethical, and also illegal. For more information on this, refer to the IRS 20-point checklist on worker classification.

We do not sacrifice quality for the sake of size

There are a lot of ways companies try to “get big, quick”. We believe in none of them. No matter how you spin it, quality suffers when growth becomes your priority – and our’s will always be quality.

Our clients are our partners

Ryvor has a proven track record of helping golf courses improve playing conditions and lower costs, while reducing fertilizer, chemical and water usage. 

Our talent is groomed from within

With over 1000 employees, we have a prodigious pool of talent from which to choose. Our team leaders know their stuff – and they know their team.


RYVOR Golf at a Glance

We are more than a landscape company. At RYVOR, you get a team of turf scientists and management professionals, expanded resources, and proven systems that reduce costs. The bottom line - we deliver a better experience for our clients.








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We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

Wife’s plea leads to golf-tool invention

Rob Swenson, For the Sioux Falls Business Journal Ron Roelandt credits his wife, Lois, for inspiring the creation of Kerolona Inc.’s first product: a key-sized tool that helps golfers place tees in the ground at a consistent height. The Roelandts live in Sioux Falls, but they spend winters in southern Texas. One day, Lois had an especially difficult time pushing a tee into the dry, hard ground of Texas. She suggested that her husband, who has a knack for innovation, come up with something to help her. So he set out to do it. The result of his pursuit was

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Richard Branson on Challenges: It’s More Fun Being David Than Goliath

Beyond being adventurous, fun and affordable, the Virgin brand is fearless when it comes to taking on giant challenges, Sir Richard Branson says. "We take on organizations much bigger than ourselves," Branson says in an interview with Inc. president and editor-in-chief Eric Schurenberg. "It's a lot more fun being David than Goliath." The iconic entrepreneur admits, however, that the Goliaths of the business world do tend to win against smaller competitors. "Goliath has very big feet, especially in the case of someone like Coca-Cola," Branson said, referring to the short-lived competition between the beverage giant and Virgin Cola, now one of his

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The Economist: Why golfers get ahead

A recent Dilbert cartoon, the pointy-haired boss asks: “Who wants to hear about my golf game?” One of his underlings replies: “Maybe someone with locked-in syndrome who doesn't get any visitors.” Golfers must constantly contend with two pernicious, false and yet widespread beliefs. First, that golf is boring. Second, that businesspeople who play it are all weasels who plot fraudulent deals between shots. To get a more fair and balanced view of the relationship between business and golf, I spoke to Julian Small, the CEO of Wentworth Golf Club, a bunkered paradise on the outskirts of London. He gave a

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